Gospel Meeting - 2011 Spring

Gospel Meeting - 2011 Spring


(April 29 - May 1, 2011) Click for Flyer

Our Purpose & Calling

Guest Speaker: Andy Cantrell
Andy Cantrell is a gospel preacher from New Hope, MN

Audio Lessons

Friday (Apr 29)
Saturday (Apr 30)
Sunday (May 9)
A Covenant Like David's (7:30 pm)
The Purpose of Our Calling (Part 1) (6:00 pm)
Middle and High School Class - God Pleasing Decisions (9:30 am)

The Purpose of Our Calling (Part 2) (7:00 pm)

David, Peter and Me (10:30 am)
The Purpose of Good Deeds (6:00 pm)


Friday, April 29
•7:30pm - A Covenant Like David’s

God did amazing things in the life of David. In Isaiah 55 God promises that He can do the same with us. A lesson about how the Lord uses the faithful to illuminate the world.
Saturday, April 30
•6:00pm - The Purpose of Our Calling (Part 1)
•7:00pm - The Purpose of Our Calling (Part 2
A study of Paul's letter to the Ephesians. In chapter 4 verse 1, He bids us, "walk worthy of the calling with which we've been called." What exactly is the calling? And how does walking worthy accomplish the call?
Sunday, May 1
•10:30am - David, Peter and Me

David learned some things about failing. Peter learned some things from David. We need to learn what both of them learned. You will see yourself in this lesson.
•6:00pm - The Purpose of Good Deeds
Some people say we are saved by our good deeds. Others say we will be saved whether we do them or not. What does God say about the place and purpose of good deeds in our lives?