2017 4th Quarter Classes

2017 4th Quarter Classes


Sunday Morning and Wednesday Evening:


Auditorium: Acts - Revelation - various discussion leaders

Upstairs Class Rooms :  Adults and children



Children Classes  (Oct - Dec 2017)

Sunday Morning:


Nursery(2+):    Lee Ann Stone

Pre-School / Kinder:   Bernie Scheiner

Early Elementary:    Jennifer Wilder

4th - 6th Graders:   Wade Norman

Junior High (7th - 9th):  Jason Cicero

High School:  Bill Wilder  Clevin Weekes


Wednesday Evening:


Nursery (2+):  Lauren Bingham

Pre-School / Kinder: Carly Cope

Early Elementary:  Kelly Smith

4th - 6th Graders:   Drew Simmons

Junior High (7th - 9th):  James Hicks

High School: meet with adults in the Auditorium