Fall Classes 2011

Fall Classes 2011

Adult Classes:

Sunday morning:

Auditorium: The Book of Revelation, (Rod Amonett)

Upstairs: The Book of Proverbs, (various teachers coordinated by Dave Mayberry)


Wednesday evening:

Auditorium: History of the Jews, (Jim Weatherbee)

Upstairs: Evidences, (Brian Stuckert)


Children Classes:

Sunday morning

Middle School - studying the book of Galatians: 

High School - studying the book of Galatians:     


Wednesday evening

Middle School - studying the major prophets:  

High School - studying the major prophets:     


Classes are also offered on Sunday and Wednesday for the following:

Nursery School


Grades K - 1

Grades 2 - 3

Grades 4 - 5