2019 3rd Quarter Classes

2019 3rd Quarter Classes


Sunday Morning and Wednesday Evening:


Sunday Auditorium: Epistle to the Hebrews - Nelson Bush & Greg Ramsey

Wednesdays Auditorium: Epistle to the Galatians - Scott Bruner & Tony West


Children Classes  (July - Sept 2019)

Sunday Morning:


2-4 year olds:    Glenda Scheiner

Pre-School / Kinder:   Marcia Weekes

Early Elementary    

 - weeks 1-6: Sheldon McGee

 - weeks 7- 13:    Amberly Cicero

4th - 6th Graders:   Terri Walton

Junior High (Sundays Only)

 - James Hicks

High School (Sundays Only)

 - Bill Wilder

 - Brad Brewington



Wednesday Evening:


2-4 year olds: Shannon Bush

Pre-School / Kinder: Jodee Hays

Early Elementary:  Susie McGee

4th - 6th Graders:   Kelly Smith

JR/HS Combined:  Jason Cicero & Clayton Hays