2013 Summer Workshop

2013 Summer Workshop

Equipping us to Evangelize:

August 2-4, 2013

With David Hamlett, Joe Hamm, Kieran Murphy, and Michael Stephens.

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Joe Hamm currently works as an evangelist with the church in Wallingford, CT. He is married to his wife Fiona (the daughter of Kieran and Patti Murphy). They have a one year old daughter, Abigail, and another baby due in January. Joe is originally from WinBield, AL. After graduating from Auburn University with a degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering, he moved to Atlanta to pursue graduate studies at Georgia Tech and lived there for 10 years working in the technology industry. His secular work experience included engineering, consulting, sales, and marketing...some of which he considers very useful to him as a preacher. While his grandparents are Christians, Joe was not "raised up in the church". After moving to Atlanta, he was taught the Gospel by David Maxson, an evangelist at Embry Hills church of Christ. In 2011, he decided to leave his secular career in order to dedicate more time in God's service by preaching the Gospel. Joe and his family would like to thank the brethren at Annandale for your continued prayers and support.


Dave Hamlett began working as an evangelist with the East End church in Toronto, Ontario in January 2008. Brother Chuck Bartlett had been evangelizing in Toronto for several years and recruited David to join him in that work. Brother Bartlett originally helped establish churches on both the west and east side of Toronto. Brother Hamlett had worked as an actuary in upstate New York before joining with Brother Bartlett. Toronto has a signiBicant immigrant population and Brother Hamlett reports that there is much interest among the various immigrant communities in the simple gospel of Christ. The east side in particular has a large Chinese immigrant community. The church has numerous personal studies ongoing with members of the local community. Brother Bartlett plans to relocate from Toronto this year and David will spend several months with him transitioning into the evangelistic work with the East End church. Brother Hamlett is excited about the various works ongoing in the East End church and the opportunity it presents for the glory of Christ. Dave and his wife Heather met and married in college. They relocated in 2000 from Alabama to Vermont for graduate studies. They later moved to Canindaigua, New York in 2006 where David worked as an actuary with Blue Cross/Blue Shield. They have four children: Maura, Colton, Lily and Owen. Dave and his family ask for the church’s prayers that God would use him to His glory.

Brother Kieran Murphy has served as evangelist with the church in Milton, VT since 2011, having moved from Duluth, MN. He conducts a number of regular weekly personal studies in different communities in Vermont as well as a local television broadcast. He is joined in those works by several of the brethren in the Milton church. Brother Murphy was born and grew up in Houston, TX. He became a Christian while in High School in 1972. He met his wife, Patti, while attending Florida College. They married in 1974. Brother Murphy began preaching in Pittskield, Maine following graduation from Florida College. He and Patti worked with the church in Pittskield from 1975-­‐1980. In 1980 they moved to Dublin, Ireland, and worked kirst with the church that now meets in Knocklyon, in the south part of Dublin and then with a new congregation in the city center. While living in Ireland Bro. Murphy also did evangelistic work in Northern Ireland, as well as in Vilnius, Lithuania and in Moscow, Russia. In August of 1995 they returned to the Northeast U.S. to work with the church meeting in Tyngsborough, MA. During this period Bro. Murphy also spent several weeks in Russia and then in Kazakhstan, helping to ground the brethren in the faith and helping them with evangelistic work. The Murphys left Massachusetts in November 2005 and moved to Duluth, MN. Brother Murphy worked with the church in Duluth, MN until 2011. Kieran and Patti are grateful for the fellowship of the Annandale church in the proclamation of the gospel in Vermont.

Brother Michael Stephens is the minister for the Wellandport Church of Christ, Wellandport, Ontario, Canada. He is originally from Kentucky. and moved to Canada in 1989 (Sherry was born in Canada). Brother Stephens began preaching full-­‐ time, at Wellandport, in 1995. Annandale has helped with their support the entire eighteen years. Wellandport is a rural community in the Niagara Peninsula of southern Ontario, Canada, 30 minutes from Niagara Falls. He and his family live near Welland, Ontario, where many of their members and contacts also live. The church has approximately 45 members. What makes Wellandport so special?... While he and his wife, Sherry, and a few others, were “raised in the church,” most of the members at Wellandport are kirst generation Christians. They are very blessed to worship with those who desire to serve the Lord. In addition to Michael and Sherry, the Stephens’ family includes a daughter, Tabitha, and two sons, Caleb and Elijah.