2012 Fall Meeting

2012 Fall Meeting


2012 Fall Meeting

Mark your calendars.  Annandale's Fall 2012 Meeting will be 5-7 Oct with Chuck Durham from College Station, TX.  He will provide lessons on "The Cross". 

Service times will be as follows:

Friday - 7:30 PM             Why is Sin Such a Big Deal?

Is mankind's worst problem global warming?  Economic downturns?  Who wins the next election?  The Bible says "Sin" is our gravest problem.  Let's study it together to see why.

Saturday - 6:00 PM         Four Word Pictures of the Cross

Propitiation?  Redemption?  Justification?  Just big theological words used in seminaries?  No, they are used by the Apostle Paul to describe the central meaning of the Cross of Jesus Christ.  Since "Sin" is mankind's biggest problem, these words offer the solution!

Sunday - 9:30 AM           Who Moved the Stone

Why should Jesus Christ be venerated above the Dalai Lama, Buddha, Abraham, Moses, or Mohammed?  If Jesus arose from the dead, He is greater than any other man!  Let's examine the evidence together.

Sunday - 10:30 AM         Safe in the Storm (Mark 4:35-41)

Do we believe we are safe in Jesus?  Faith and fear are mutual exclusives in the Bible.  Life's storms serve as "steps up" for disciples of Jesus.

Sunday - 6:00 PM            What a Friend we have in Jesus - Look at Peter (Luke 22:31-32)

We all fail Jesus in our spiritual walk with him - sometimes miserably.  Sin's consequences hurt.  Depression and discouragement set in.  How do we overcome?  By remembering what a friend we have in Jesus!


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