Annandale church of Christ is a spiritual family united by God's word. Join us as we learn about our loving creator and His purpose for each of our lives. We currently meet on Sundays at 9:30 AM and 6:00 PM and on Wednesday's at 7:30 PM...just fifteen miles from our nation's capital.

PLEASE NOTE: As of August 3, we will no longer have a Sunday evening service. Times for the Sunday morning service will remain as shown above."

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Summer Class Schedule 2014

Adult Classes
Sunday Morning:
 Auditorium:   Hebrews - Tom Couchman
 Upstairs Class B:   John  - James Hicks
 Upstairs Class C:   Overcoming Sin (Young Adult Class) - Greg Ramsey
Wednesday Evening:
 Auditorium:    United Kingdom - Terry McCall
 Upstairs Class B:    No Class
 Upstairs Class C:    No Class
Children Classes
Sunday Morning:
 Nursery:    Various Bible Stories - Marcia Weekes & Shannon Bush
 Pre-School:   Various Bible Stories  - Nicky McCall & Laura Norman
 Grades K thru 1st :   Exploring the Epistles,Pt2  - Luke VanBuskirk
 Grades 2nd thru 3rd:   Exploring the Epistles,Pt2 - Leon West
 Grades 4th thru 5th:   Living Pure Lives - Kelly Smith
 High School:   1&2 Peter and Jude - Bill Wilder
 Middle School:   Hebrews - Ron Arnold
Wednesday Evening:
 Nursery:    Various Bible Stories  - Judy & Jessie Kusuma
 Pre-School:   Various Bible Stories  - Micki Palmer
 Grades K thru 1st :   Exploring the Epistles,Pt2 - Lydia Kelley
 Grades 2nd thru 3rd:   Exploring the Epistles,Pt2 - Jen Wilder
 Grades 4th thru 5th:   Living Pure Lives - Andrea Ogles
 High School:   Minor Prophets - Mike Lockwood
 Middle School:   Minor Prophets - Mike Smith
Adult Classes:
Sunday morning:
Auditorium: Hebrews (Tom Couchman)
Upstairs Room B: John (James Hicks)
Upstairs Room C:  Overcoming Sin (Young Adults - Greg Ramsey)
Wednesday evening:
Auditorium: United Kingdom (Terry McCall)
Upstairs Room B: (no class)
Children Classes:
Sunday morning
Middle School - Hebrews
High School - 1&2 Peter and Jude
Wednesday evening
Middle School - Minor Prophets
High School - Minor Prophets
Classes are also offered on Sunday and Wednesday for the following:
Nursery School
Grades K – 1
Grades 2 – 3
Grades 4 – 5