Annandale church of Christ is a spiritual family united by God's word. Join us as we learn about our loving creator and His purpose for each of our lives. We currently meet on Sundays at 9:30 AM and on Wednesday's at 7:30 PM...just fifteen miles from our nation's capital.

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2018 Reading Schedule

Do you really know God?  Would you like to know Him better?  Join us in 2018 as we read His word together and prayerfully seek a closer walk with our Father. Led by His Spirit. Walking in the light of His Son.


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Sunday Morning and Wednesday Evening:


Auditorium: Old Testament - various discussion leaders


Children Classes  (July - Sept 2018)

Sunday Morning:


2-4 year olds:    Glenda Scheiner

Pre-School / Kinder:   Marcia Weekes

Early Elementary    

 - weeks 1-6: Sheldon McGee

 - weeks 7- 13:    Ericka Brewington

4th - 6th Graders:   Trent Palmer

Junior High (Sundays Only)

 - July: Bill Wilder

 - Aug: Buddy Meyer

 - Sept: Tony West

High School (Sundays Only)

 - July: Clevin Weekes

 - Aug: Mark Ogles

 - Sept: James Hicks


Wednesday Evening:


2-4 year olds: Lauren Bingham

Pre-School / Kinder: Debbie Ramsey

Early Elementary:  Carly Cope

4th - 6th Graders:   Leone West