Annandale church of Christ is a spiritual family united by God's word. Join us as we learn about our loving creator and His purpose for each of our lives. We currently meet on Sundays at 9:30 AM and on Wednesday's at 7:30 PM...just fifteen miles from our nation's capital.

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2016 Reading Schedule

We hope you will join us as Annandale continues to study the bible.  In 2015 we read all of God's word.  In 2016 we will slow down and read the Gospel accounts of Jesus' life.  Our readings and discussions of the life of Jesus will help us to conform to His image.  

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For February we are all encourage to memorize John 3:16 and hide these verses in our hearts.  

Recently we memorized:  January - John 1:1-3



Sunday Morning and Wednesday Evening:
Auditorium: Reading the Gospels - various discussion leaders
Upstairs Class Rooms :  High School and Middle School
Children Classes  (Jan-Mar 2016)
Sunday Morning:
Nursery:    Amber Hicks (Samantha Whitfield)
Pre-School:   Susie McGee (Kaylee Walton)
Grades K thru 1st :    Jena Aitchison
Grades 2nd thru 3rd:   Amberly Cicero
Grades 4th thru 5th:   Andrea Ogles
Middle School:  Tom Couchman
High School: Andrew Couchman & Tony West
Wednesday Evening:
Nursery:  Shannon Bush
Pre-School:   Judy Smiley
Grades K thru 1st :   Judy Kusuma
Grades 2nd thru 3rd:   Kim Lockwood (Audrey Lynch)
Grades 4th thru 5th:   Wade Norman
Middle School:  Sean Lynch
High School: meet with adults in the Auditorium