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2019 Reading Schedule - Knowing Jesus

Over 2,000 years ago, God entered our world in the flesh, so we could see our Creator in all His Glory.  But Jesus didn’t just come to enlighten us.  He came to restore us to God.  If God is far from you, you can find your way back to Him through His Son Jesus, who is the Way, the Truth, and the Life.


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2019 2nd Quarter Teaching schedule


Sunday Morning and Wednesday Evening:

 Auditorium: Life of Jesus, Sermon on the Mount - various discussion leaders

Children Classes  (Apr - Jun 2019)

Sunday Morning:

 2-4 year olds:    Lea Ann Stone

Pre-School / Kinder:   Laura Norman

Early Elementary    

 - weeks 1-6: Ericka Brewington

 - weeks 7- 13:    Jennifer Wilder

4th - 6th Graders:   James Hicks

Junior High (Sundays Only)

 - Buddy Meyer

 - John Walton

 - Mike Smith

High School (Sundays Only)

 - Greg Ramsey

 - Nathan Bartlett

 - Aaron Cope

 Wednesday Evening:

 2-4 year olds: Shannon Bush

Pre-School / Kinder: Jodee Hays

Early Elementary:  Susie McGee

4th - 6th Graders:   Kelly Smith