Annandale church of Christ is a spiritual family united by God's word. Join us as we learn about our loving creator and His purpose for each of our lives. We currently meet on Sundays at 9:30 AM and on Wednesday's at 7:00 PM...just fifteen miles from our nation's capital.

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2024 Reading Schedule - The King and His Kingdom

In 2024 we will gather on Sunday mornings to read the Gospel of Matthew, seeing how Jesus came to preach the Gospel of the Kingdom.  As we read Matthew's gospel together, then Romans and Hebrews, we will explore how Jesus fufilled the prophesied role of the Messiah to come, reflect on the nature of the Kingdom that He established, and consider our place in that Kingdom.

On Wednesdays we will read a series of inpired epistles which emphasize how our subjection to our King Jesus transforms our relationships with each other, and our relationship to the world, as our lives proclaim that there is another king--Jesus.

Bible Reading Schedule     Auditorium class discussions