2019 Reading Schedule

2019 Reading Schedule

How did you learn about Jesus?  Many of us know a good bit about Jesus.  Perhaps you heard about him from priests or preachers.  Maybe you’ve seen Jesus in movies, paintings or stained glass.  Maybe you’re familiar with holiday traditions that are connected to Him.  Most people see only partial glimpses of Jesus--filtered through the viewpoints, biases, and traditions of those telling His story some 2,000 years later.


But God wants to reveal to you the real Jesus.  This is possible because there were eye-witnesses to all that Jesus said and did.  The inspired words of these eye-witnesses were preserved for us by the Spirit of God, so that you can know the real Jesus today.  Jesus was more than just a teacher, miracle-worker, prophet, or leader.  He was more than a man.   He was the image of the invisible God.  Jesus was Immanuel—God with us.


Are you seeking God? Through Jesus, God entered our world in the flesh, so that we can see and understand our Creator in all His Glory.  But Jesus offers us more than just enlightenment—he offers to restore our broken relationship with God. If you sense that God is far from you, you can find your way back to Him through His Son Jesus, who is the Way, the Truth, and the Life. 


“Knowing Jesus” will be our theme in 2019.  Won’t you join us?


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