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2021 Reading Schedule - Draw Near with a Sincere Heart

In 2021, we’ll read from the Old Testament, from creation through the reign of King David. We’ll see God’s desire for fellowship with mankind, as shown in the lives of the Patriarchs, and in the early history of His people, Israel. We’ll see how Satan and sin alienate us from our Creator. Yet we’ll also see how much God loves us and wants His children to draw near in faith, and how He planned from the beginning to redeem us in Christ Jesus.

Bible Reading Schedule   Auditorium class discussions

COVID - Update

Sunday Services: We have resumed our Sunday morning Bible classes and worship services at the building. Bible classes are at 9:30 and worship service is at 10:30.  Visitors are welcome to join our classes and worship services. We have two requests due to COVID-19. First, we ask that all attendees wear a mask during the classes and worship. Also, seating for our worship is limited due to the social distancing requirements; so, please contact us at to arrange seating.

Wednesday Services: We have resumed meeting at the building on Wednesdays at 7:00PM. Visitors are welcome to join us for this service as well. The same two COVID-19 related requests for our Sunday service apply here as well.  We have singing and prayer for the first Wednesday of each month, classes for all others. 

Both Sunday and Wednesday services are on Zoom.  Contact the elders for more information.